Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Wedding Menu Tasting Sessions

With food often being the most expensive item on a wedding budget, choosing an exemplary catering service is imperative. One way of doing so is by scheduling a tasting session with two or three wedding caterers. In addition to being a critical step, tasting is also a fun experience. It allows you to zero in on a final menu that best fits your wedding needs. Therefore, how do you get the most out of a wedding tasting experience? Read on to find out.  

Be Flexible -- In most cases, caterers leave the weekends for events. Therefore, it is unlikely that you will find a caterer willing to schedule tasting sessions on weekends. Still, some people insist on scheduling tasting sessions during the weekends. However, don't let your busy weekdays get in the way. It is advisable to schedule tasting sessions on a weekday since it is the only time most caterers are free. Obviously, you would not be okay with a caterer shifting attention from your wedding to another customer's tasting session.  

Space Out the Tastings -- If you have a busy schedule on weekdays, you might be tempted to squeeze more than one tasting in one day. Some people go as far as scheduling all their tastings in one week, although that is the wrong strategy. If you have a long list of caterers to choose from, you need to space out menu tasting sessions. Scheduling many tasting sessions within a narrow window interferes with your taste buds, which is likely to leave you confused regarding the best service provider. It is advisable to narrow down your choice of caterers based on specific criteria to avoid scheduling too many tasting sessions.

Arrive Hungry -- Most weddings involve a large number of guests. Since your caterer must prepare a menu for many people, you should expect to taste a large variety of foods. Therefore, the last thing you want is to tap out before you get a chance to taste everything on the menu. Besides, most couples do not get to enjoy the food on their wedding day because of time constraints. Thus, a tasting session is your opportunity to enjoy a little bit of everything a caterer has to offer. For this reason, it is always a good idea to arrive at a caterer's venue hungry. You will not have to worry about leaving without tasting some of the foods on the menu.

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