Water Bottle Features to Look For

If you're thinking about buying a new water bottle, this article will provide you with an overview of some of the features you should look out for. Read on to discover more!


It is recommended that women drink 2.1 litres a day and men 2.6. If you would like to keep track of how much water you are drinking, a bottle with measurements on the side can be really useful. A measurement bar on a water bottle is also useful if you intend to mix a sports drink by adding powder and water together. The measurements will help to ensure you use the correct amount of water to create a tasty drink.

Sports nozzle

It is a great idea to look for a water bottle that comes with a sports nozzle. The nozzle can be easily attached to the top of the bottle, and once it's in place, you will be able to use your water bottle in different situations. For example, a sports nozzle with a valve will enable you to run while carrying the bottle without spilling a drop. Simply bite down on the tip of the nozzle and the valve will open, allowing you to take a swig of water.


Water bottles can prove to be a harbour for bacteria. If you do not regularly clean your sports bottle, you may notice that it begins to smell bad and the water begins to taste unpleasant. You can avoid this situation by investing in a self-cleaning water bottle. Self-cleaning bottles are fitted with a UV light. When the UV light is switched on, the rays kill any bacteria within the bottle.


Colour plays a major role when purchasing a water bottle. It is very easy to lose track of the colour of the bottle if you get bored of it quickly. Choose a water bottle that will stand out from the crowd. If you do not want to spend a lot of money on a professional water bottle, you can opt for a paintball-style water bottle. This type of bottle is very colourful and is available from a wide range of places.


The choice of packaging for a water bottle will determine how many bottles you can fit in your bag. Pouches are handy, and you can store your drinks in them without worrying about them spilling over.

If you would like more info, contact a supplier of 1.5-litre water bottles, as well as bottles of different sizes.

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