If You're a Morning Person, Why Not Have a Morning Wedding?

Your wedding might be the most special day of your life, but since the reception will probably continue into the wee hours, it's technically going to be the most special day, late night and early morning of your life. There's nothing wrong with this, but while it might be traditional, it's not for everyone. An early morning wedding followed by a breakfast reception is a fun alternative, and it's an option that is arguably more inclusive for your guests, as well as being a smart way to keep your budget down.


A wedding reception that goes until late can be a problem for some of your guests. You want everyone to participate, but children and the elderly might find their energy levels depleting as the night wears on. A breakfast wedding and reception means that everyone is going to be fresh and can stay for the duration of your special day (or rather, your special morning) without the need to leave early in order to sleep.

The Food

Catering a breakfast is arguably easier than catering a formal sitdown dinner. A buffet is rather appropriate for breakfast, saving staff costs, and since the food is prepared and then set out, the whole meal will probably end up being cheaper than an evening meal. Talk to your chosen caterers about their available breakfast options, but variety is going to be key. Although food rich in carbohydrates will probably feature in the breakfast buffet, make sure there's a lot of fresh fruit and grains too. You don't want your guests becoming sluggish during the festivities.

The Drinks

Obviously, it's a special occasion. Okay, so it's about the most special occasion there can be. This means that people won't necessarily abstain from alcohol despite the fact that it's rather early in the day. But it means that your guests will probably drink less than they would have if your reception took place in the evening. Reduced consumption of alcoholic beverages can be kinder to your budget, and the nature of these beverages will also help to control your costs. A brunch mimosa (orange juice and sparkling wine) is going to be cheaper to provide than a full glass of bubbly. All of this can mean that it's far less likely that any of your guests will actually become inebriated, which can be a plus.

So if you're a morning person, perhaps this can carry over to your special day.

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